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Mission & Vision

Our institutional mission was set by our founder Shri. M. V. Venkateshwaran in 1932.

“This Society should sincerely serve the cause of education and the educational needs of the common man of this cosmopolitan city.”

So in a spirit of sincerity we,
  • Stress on high standards of academic, professional and societal performance.
  • Respond in a creative manner to a continuously changing cosmopolitan society.
  • Support cultural and ethnic diversity in the community.
We seek to achieve our educational mission by:
  • Focusing on modes of enquiry which strengthen thinking skills.
  • Providing extensive field experiences to bring together theory and practice
  • Providing library resources and services to support the academic needs of the institutions.
  • Integrating technological development across the curriculum.
Our commitment is to a student-centred environment:
  • In which the intellectual, cultural, social, physical and recreational needs of students are met.
  • Which offers learning experiences and forums where students come together to challenge one another’s ideas in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Which provides support to students through an academic advising centre, computing facilities, peer advising, tutorials, counselling and health services and programmes for disadvantaged as well as gifted students.
  • And which offers appropriate services for students with physical disabilities.
Our commitment is also to the larger community of the region that we serve:
  • Through collaborative efforts with school districts and higher educational institutions, the health care and social service agencies and the business community.
  • Through faculty, administration and student participation in community programmes.
  • And by keeping tuition fees within the reach of people of moderate incomes.
Quality Policy
We are committed to a student centred environment in which the intellectual, cultural, social, physical and recreational needs of students are met. Towards this SIES Management is committed to implement and continually improve quality management system, make available resources and infrastructure facilities for imparting quality education using contemporary teaching techniques to larger community.
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