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Festivals & Activities - 2010-11
28th May  – 10th June Sale of Admission Forms for First Year Classes
3rd – 14th Collection of forms
7th Reopening & Commencement of lectures of SY & TY classes
8th & 9th Admission of In house students for F.Y.B.Com
16th Display of First Merit list
17th & 18th Admission for 1st Merit List
17th – 22nd Additional Examination B.Sc.(IT)
18th Display of 2nd Merit List
19th Staff Meeting
21st – 25th Supplementary Examination B.Sc.(IT)
21st & 22nd Admission for 2nd Merit List
22nd Display of 3rd Merit List
23rd & 24th Admission for 3rd  Merit List
24th Display of 4th Merit List
25th Admission for 4th Merit List
28th Display of 1st Waiting List
29th Admission for 1st Waiting List
29th Display of 2nd Waiting List
30th Admission for 2nd Waiting List
  M.Com Part II Admissions
  M.Sc.(IT) Part II Admissions
  M.Com (B&F) (Part II) Admissions
  Cultural Talent Hunt – Cultural Forum
1st Orientation Programme for all FY classes
2nd Commencement of FY lectures
3rd Parent Teacher meeting for FY classes
8th Class to Class campaign by NSS & NCC
9th Orientation Programme on Yoga by Mr. Durga Das Sawant organized by Staff Academy & Research Cell. Registration & Enrollment for NSS
10th Workshop on VI Pay Recommendation by Prof. Sadasivan organized by Staff Welfare Committee
12th & 30th Talent Hunt by Cultural Association
17th Registration & Enrollment for membership of Speakers’ Forum
24th Declaration of Result of B.Sc.(IT) Supplementary Examination
23rd Screening of Film ‘Run Lola Run’ by Magic Lantern
24th Visit to Mangroves (Godrej) by NSS & Green Peace
26th   T.Y.B.Com Result
31st Results of T.Y.B.Com (A&F) & (B&I)
30th Results of TYBMS by UOM
2nd HIV Friendship bands distribution by NSS
3rd & 4th Screening of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ by Green peace & Dept of E.S. for F.Y.B.Com
3rd & 4th Visit to Stock Exchange by BMS students
6th ‘Management Development Programme’ by faculty of S P Jain Institute of Management & Research  Dr. Preeta George. Screening of Film Mr. and Mrs. Iyer by Film Club
7th Friendship Day / Unifest – Literary & Fine Arts – Zonal Level Selection. (University of Mumbai – Cultural Forum)
7th Parent Teacher meeting B.Sc.(IT) for Serious Defaulters.
9th, 10th & 11th Sale of Admission forms for M.Com A/C & M.Com (B&F) Part - I
9th, 10th & 11th Internal Test I B.Sc.(IT) F.Y., S.Y., & T.Y. classes
9th, 11th & 12th Internal Test I BMS, B.Com A&F, B.Com B&I, B.Com FM - F.Y., S.Y., & T.Y. classes
10th  Display of Defaulters list. Meeting with Intensive Coaching Students
11th Intercollegiate Poster & Rangoli Competition & Blood Donation Camp by NSS. Orientation Program for NSS Volunteers
11th – 15th National Integration Week
12th & 13th Acceptance of forms for M.Com I
12th Thalassemia screening of T.Y.B.Com students
13th Intercollegiate Street Play competition. Admission Process for M.Sc.(IT) Part I Started
14th Pre Independence Day Celebration –  Group Singing Competition – Inter Collegiate. Trek to Karjat by Students and Staff Members
15th Flag Hoisting
17th onwards Admission for M.Com I. Acceptance of forms M.Sc.(IT) Part I
18th Planning of saplings by Green Peace Club. Parent Teacher Meeting of FY, SY & TY – Attendance Defaulters B.Com A&F
20th First Merit List M.Sc.(IT) Part I
21st Intra Collegiate Elocution competition conducted by Forum of Free Enterprise organized by Speakers Forum
25th Commencement of M.Com I lectures. Commencement of Lectures for M.Com. Part I (B&F)
26th, 27th & 28th Internal Test II BMS, B.Com A&F, B.Com B&I, B.Com FM - F.Y., S.Y., & T.Y. classes. Commencement of M.Com(B&F) Part II Classes
27th Orientation Program for M.Com. Part I Accounts
Success Mantra – Session on Study Skills for Intensive Coaching Classes. Workshop on Success Mantra, by Dr. Sundari, M.D. College, Parel
28th Commencement of Lectures for M.Com. Part I Accounts
31st Felicitation to Mrs. Malabika Ray
4th SIES Intercollegiate Debate organized by Speakers Forum
5th Counselling Session for Weaker Students
6th – 9th & 13th – 15th Supplementary Exam for First and Second year of Self Financing Courses
7th Orientation Program for FYJC students
11th Blood Donation Drive organized by NSS and Thalassemia test
14th Ganesh Puja & Hindi Diwas by Junior College
16th HIV/AIDS Awareness Lecture for the Youth – Dr. Sunita Shanbhag
17th DISHA
18th Defaulters Meeting B.Com (B&I)
20th – 28th Supplementary Examination F.Y.B.Com & S.Y.B.Com
20th  Sept –     1st Oct Expert Lectures (T.Y.B.Sc.IT), T.Y.B.Com (A&F) (BMS)
23rd Street Play on HIV/AIDS Awareness organized by NSS
18th, 20th & 21st

Internal Test II B.Sc.(IT) F.Y., S.Y., & T.Y. classes

23rd, 24th & 25th  Internal test III BMS, B.Com A&F, B.Com B&I, B.Com FM - F.Y., S.Y., & T.Y. classes
23rd – 30th Prelims for TYBMS, A&F and B&I
24th Youth for Healthy Mumbai – Awareness of Malaria by BMC
26th – 30th Expert Lecture for Final Year Students of B.Sc.(IT), A&F
4th – 14th   Preliminary Examination V Sem B.Sc.(IT). Exam for F.Y. Sem I & S.Y. Sem II - B.Sc.(IT)
6th – 13th Term I Examination FY & SY classes of B.Com. Exams for A&F, B&I and FM Sem I & III
11th Guest Lecture Series for T.Y.B.Sc.(IT) Students
13th – 29th Area based project organized by NSS
13th – 27th CAP for F.Y.B.Com. & S.Y.B.Com. CAP for Sem I and Sem III for all self-financing courses
18th Declaration of Results (Supplementary Exam)
16th – 23rd BMS FY Sem I &  SY Sem III Examination. Junior College Examination
16th – 30th Terminal Examination and Re-exam for FYJC and SYJC
20th – 27th Additional Examination
20th – 1st Nov TYBMS Sem V University Exams
25th – 2nd Nov CAP for Terminal Examination of FYJC Class
27th Declaration of Result supplementary Examination  after verification / revaluation
26th – 30th Moderation of Answer Papers of F.Y. and S.Y.B.Com.
30th Declaration of Sem I & Sem III B.Sc.(IT) Results
22nd College Reopen for the Term II. Result Declaration of Term I  Semester I & III Examinations of B.Com (A&F), B.Com (B&I) & B.Com (FM)
24th Viva voce for the Project work of Semester V for the student of T.Y.B.Com (B&I).  (Schedule given by the University)
27th Cleanliness Drive at Sanjay Gandhi National Park organized by NSS. Declaration of Results of F.Y.B.Com. & S.Y.B.Com. Terminal Examination
27th Result Declaration of Term I  Semester I & III Examinations
30th Result Declaration of Term I  Semester I & III BMS Examinations. Result Declaration of Term I  Semester I & III FM Examinations
29th Nov to 3rd Supplementary Internal Examination for F.Y.B.Sc.(IT) & S.Y.B.Sc.(IT)
1st – 4th FYJC I Unit Test
2nd – 9th SYJC Test Series
3rd Guest Lecture on ‘Overview of NSE’ by Mr. Anup Mukherjee Assistant, Vice – President, NSE organized be Department of Economics
Investment Planning by Prof. Prasanna Tambe organized by Staff Academy. Film Show on AIDS by NSS. Orientation Programme for all Self Financing course Teachers
6th & 7th HIV AIDS Awareness Lectures
6th to 10th HIV AIDS Awareness Week
8th & 9th FANTASIES 2010
8th  – 11th World AIDS Day related activities organized by NSS
14th Annual Prize Distribution Function. Cultural Programme organized by Cultural Association.
11th & 12th Workshop on Communication Skills organized by Speakers Forum
13th   Rose Day & Chocolate Day organized by Students’ Council
24th Dec – 2nd Jan 11 Christmas Vacation
3rd  – 20th SYJC Preliminary Exam & II Unit Test for FYJC
4th – 20th Expert Lectures for T.Y.B.Com. Class
7th & 8th Disaster Management workshop by NSS
7th – 12th Supplementary (A&F) (B&I) (FM)
12th  - 14th Sports Day – Intra events for Junior and Degree College
14th Open day for Junior College Students
16th – 23rd NSS residential camp
17th & 18th  Parent Teacher meeting
17th – 24th  T.Y.B.Com Preliminary Examination & I & II Internal Examination for self-financing courses
17th – 29th Certificate course on Capital Market organized by the Department of Economics
20th Workshop for FYJC online admission for the next academic year
21 – 22 B.Sc. (IT) Internals
23rd HIV AIDS Awareness Street Play
24th Defaulters meeting (B&I)
25th Satyanarayan puja. ‘How to face GDPI’ organized by Women Development Cell
26th Republic Day
27th Defaulters meeting (A&F)
1st – 18th Placements for T.Y.B.Com, TYBMS, T.Y.B.Com (A&F) & T.Y.B.Com (B&I) students
3rd Workshop on ‘Soft Skills – I batch’ organized by WDC
7th Blood Donation Drive and Thalassemia test for T.Y.B.Com. students organized by NSS
11th UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar on ‘IFRS – The Road map Ahead’ organized by Department of Accountancy
12th UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar on ‘Demystifying The Direct Tax Code ‘organized  by Department of Accountancy
12th – 24th Supplementary Examination F.Y.B.Com & S.Y.B.Com
17th – 20th II Unit Test for FYJC
17th – 24th Test Series for SYJC
18th UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar on ‘Human Development Through Inclusive Growth’
21st – 12th March Street Play Competition on AIDS awareness by NSS
21st, 23rd & 25th Tutorial Test for B.Sc.(IT)
24th Workshop on ‘Soft Skills – II batch’ organized by WDC
21st  - 24th IIIrd Internal Test for BMS, A & F, B & I and FM
25th  & 28th Computer Practical Exam for SYBCom & TYBCom students
25th & 27th Placements for B.Sc.(IT) students
25th & 26th UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar on ‘Sustainable Development Towards Strategic  Stakeholders Management Integrating Sustainability Challenges with Social Responsibility and Governance’ organized by Department of Commerce and Psychology
26th – 12th March Sem I & III Supplementary Exam of BMS
28th Industrial Visit to I2IT, Pune for F.Y.B.Sc.(IT) and S.Y. B.Sc.(IT). Guest Lecture on ”Lessons on Financial Planning Young Investors”. Resource Person - Mr. Ram Babu
1st Result of Supplementary Examination. Defaulters meeting for Feb 11  (B&I)
1st – 12th Preliminary Exam of all Self Financing courses
3rd – 17th   Term II Exam – F.Y.B.Com / S.Y.B.Com
3rd – 31st CAP for F.Y.B.Com & S.Y.B.Com Term II Examination
16th – 23rd T.Y.B.Com University Examination
8th, 9th 14th & 15th   Preliminary examination VI Sem B.Sc.(IT)
11th – 19th B.Sc.(IT) Practical Examination of Sem II, IV & VI
21st – 28th Sem II & IV Exam of all Self Financing Courses
7th – 16th Expert Lectures
11th – 18th Sem II Supplementary Exam of BMS
2nd Moderation of answerpapers of F.Y.B.Com / S.Y.B.Com Term II Exam
21st   Declaration of F.Y.B.Com & S.Y.B.Com results
22nd Result of F.Y. & S.Y. (IT)
25th Ist & IInd class of SY admission to T.Y.B.Com. Pass Class and ATKT students submission of forms
26th Ist & IInd class of FY admission to S.Y.B.Com. Pass Class and ATKT students submission of forms
28th Declaration of result F.Y. / S.Y.B.Com Term II Exam after verification.
Admission of FY & SY – Pass & ATKT. Admission of SY & TY – Pass & ATKT
27th Admissions of (A&F) & (B&I) both the classes
28th Admissions of B.Sc. (IT)
29th Admissions of BMS
30th Admissions of B.Com (FM)
Declaration of result F.Y. / S.Y.B.Com Term II exam after revaluation. Staff Meeting
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